Monday, March 25, 2013


As I sit on the bus on my way to Milwaukee,  hear the hum of the engine and the sound the heat is making as it comes through the vents.  I hear the faint sound of music in Carissa's earphones and I hear the music playing from the stereo system in the car.  I hear cars zooming by and I hear Madison coughing.  I hear the crinkle of candy rappers and potato chip bags from snacks people are eating, and I hear the sound of Carissa breathing as she sleeps next to me.  The GPS is speaking, 30 more miles till we make a turn!  It's going to be a long trip!

Sitting in the hotel room in Milwaukee, I hear all kinds of noises.  I hear the distant noise of someone coughing a few rooms away, it is very muffled, so muffled I can barely hear it.  I hear the sound of a shower running either above my room or beside my room, I hear the toilet flushing and the loud CLING it makes at the end of it's flush.  I hear the housekeeping staff knocking on the door next to me to go in and clean their room.  I hear garbage bags rustling, and I hear the sound of the ice machine right outside our door.  I hear the ding the elevator makes when it reaches the floor, and the sound of the elevator opening on its track.  I hear the sound of cars honking outside my window, and emergency vehicles going to a call.

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