Monday, March 18, 2013


As I sit in the high school auditorium, I hear crowds of people outside waiting anxiously to get inside the theater.  A lot of the dialogue is from people who have already seen the show, talking about the good and bad things about the set, costumes, actors, and microphones.  Others are talking about how excited they are for the performance.  The dialogue is all muffled, so I can't entirely make out what is being said, I can only understand bits and pieces.  I hear the sound of set pieces scraping across the ground and students anxiously getting ready for another performance.  I can hear a slight hum coming from the lights, but the sound of people talking is being over powering, so the hum is very slight.

Sitting in Kings, I hear lots of dialogue going on.  I can hear the clang of dishes in the kitchen and the sound of oil sizzling on the grill.  The kitchen sounds extremely busy, even though the Kings is not all that busy.  I hear the distant sound of kids in the front playing with the crane machine and getting excited then disappointed because they almost won a prize, and I hear a child crying.  There is a bus boy not too far from me throwing dishes in his carrier, and a waitress taking orders.

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