Monday, February 25, 2013

2/25/13 (4 blogs)

As I sit here in Starbucks, I hear a lot of chatter.  There is different chatter regarding the snow outside, studying for midterms, and anticipation of spring break.  I hear the sound of the coffee machine that sounds sort of like one of those things they put in your mouth at the dentist's office to suck out the spit (gross I know).  I also hear chairs scraping against the floor and wood cracking in the fireplace.  There is a sound of slurping which in getting really obnoxious and the sound of a swinging door going back and forth.

As I sit her in my room, I am noticing that the noises around me are constantly changing.  I hear the thump of the bass of Garrett's stereo that has a tinny sound to it, sort of like someone is hitting a traffic barrier or something.  I also hear a tinny kind of noise in his music, that makes it sound older and more like it's coming from a record player.  The sound of his music is kind of overwhelming and I can't really hear anything else except the fan of my laptop which kind of sounds like the same fan in the light lab in the downstairs of the playhouse.

Sitting in the auditorium of Quaker Valley High School, waiting for my brother's District Chorus concert to begin, I hear a lot of chatter around me regarding the location of family members on the stage and where would be a good place to sit.  To my surprise, I don't hear the hum of microphones or any feedback coming from the microphones, and I don't hear the hum of lighting instruments either.  The woman behind me is turning the pages of her program, which is rubbing against her coat making the sound of paper ripping, and the other is tapping her pencil rhythmically on the back of my chair which sort of resembles the beginning stages of a rainstorm.

Sitting in my modern drama class, I hear a lot of ambient noise.  I hear the fan/hum of the projector and the hum of the lights on above me.  The fan sort of reminds me of what I think an ocean would sound like, and the hum is something that is hard to describe. I also hear the drone of Richard Rauh's voice talking about the play "The Birthday Party" and our upcoming exam on Wednesday.

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  1. Nice observations. Try to be more elaborate next time.Listen Harder. (3 more and youre caught up)